Jàmbaar is a tenacious salt miner working at Dakar’s pink lake. For months, Jàmbaar has lost touch with Mbaye, his migrant brother in Hamburg.

A worker’s union presides over conditions at the lake. Fed up of the salt mine’s capitalisation, they vote to obstruct the latest bid for a luxury hotel.  The leader of the union accepts a bribe to keep the union quiet. A few days later, the leader is attacked and work stops at the mine as a police investigation ensues.

Jàmbaar decides to go to Hamburg in search of Mbaye. But amidst a time of potential change, does he stay in Dakar, or escape the monotony of labour and a chance of a new life in Europe?

Director: Karimah Ashadu

Script: Karimah Ashadu

Script Consultant: Zsuzsanna Kiraly

Script funding: MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

With thanks to Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination, Paris and Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.

Year: tbc

Duration: tbc

HD Digital film, colour with sound

English/German Subs